Amélie ★★★★★

Beautifully constructed and endlessly charming, Amelie explores the trivial things in life and the happiness small things can bring to our simple lives. It's a simple story told with such elegance and style, that it's hard not to fall in love with it. An easy top 10 finish in my all-time favorites list.

I've never heard of Jean-Pierre Jeunet before but after seeing this masterpiece, it has finally triggered my senses to go hunt for more of his films. His unique storytelling techniques were bizarre at first but quickly won me over. The fairytale-like whimsy that is injected into this film is intoxicating and transforms the early 2000's Montmartre into a dreamland.

The eye-popping cinematography by Bruno Delbonnel really brings out the beautiful colors of the fabulous set design and costumes. One of the most visually stunning movies to have ever come out. The beautifully melodic violins of Yann Tiersen infuses the already rich atmosphere.

Audrey Tautou gives one of my favorite performances as the playful and introverted Amelie. Everything from her beautiful smile to her shy demeanor; it's really hard not to root for her. Watching her improve the lives of the people around her is so wholesome and equates to a warm hug. But it's her journey of self-fulfillment that really drives this film and by the end, you can't help but feel happy for Amelie as she finds something worthwhile in her own life as well.

What a beautiful way to wrap up this busy week. I really urge you to watch this if you haven't. Don't sit on this as I stupidly have. A really heartwarming watch as you brush up on your French skills.