Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice ★★★½

This is a movie about four grown ass people who have no idea what they're doing or how to do it. A portrait of people desperately trying to defy their own expectations of themselves and prove that the boundaries are only in their minds. But.... life isn't actually that black and white. There's more to life, more shades of gray between walking the line and crossing it. And some boundaries exist in part because others have gone down the same path and human emotions are largely predictable. The world turns. Like babies, we sometimes need to just stick things in our mouthes to understand them.

I've been a fan of Mazursky for a while now but I'd been avoiding this one because I was worried it would be too, uh, '69 (har-har). But thankfully it's more Mazursky than cliche, with his patented voice and stream of consciousness comedy. I thought its ending was most certainly the finger of judgement pointed at these four dopes, but it's more of an eye roll than a jeer. A grounded acknowledgement of the pitfalls of the free love era through the eyes of a cuddly optimist who doesn't allow hitting or war toys in his house.

Also- I especially loved Natalie Wood in this. She gives such a layered performance, she's really operating on like several levels here. Subconscious fears, conscious desires, watching herself, watching herself being watched... like it's wild how great she is. Well, not so wild because she's pretty much always great.

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