Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette ★★★★

This film is all about juxtapositions: The melding of the modern (music, editing, & acting style) with the past. Physical excess (clothing, hair, gambling, food, etc.) and emotional emptiness. Fun, frivolity, and partying alongside crushing loneliness, disappointment, and alienation. 

While not my favorite Sofia Coppola film, I was impressed by how in all its brashness, humor, and stylization, it still made me deeply care about this famed and vilified historical figure (still a child at its start really) and feel empathy for her. While watching I just wanted to protect her from it all.

And the image of this queen alongside her friends draped in dresses drunkenly laughing and stumbling around the gardens of Versailles to watch the sunrise is so strangely specific and of another time, place, & class, yet instantly relatable. I know I'll have it stuck in my head for a longtime.

P. S. Was totally surprised by and loved seeing both Molly Shannon and Rose Byrne in this.

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