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  • Minari



    It was really weird, someone came into the theatre in the last 15-20 minutes and just started cutting like, heaps of onions.

  • Beyond JFK: The Question of Conspiracy

    Beyond JFK: The Question of Conspiracy


    How do you make a conspiracy theory documentary so dull? This is coming from someone who liked Stone’s JFK, too.

    I mean, maybe that was the point, as in making something more objective might make the arguments come across more credible (and if so, I guess points for effort?) but it’s still just so boring and dry 🥱

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  • Time


    I will come out and admit it: I struggled to sympathise with anyone except the children for most of this documentary.

    Prison is dehumanising, and Rob’s sentence of 60 years is excessive- though Fox’s mother does imply his sentence would have been comparable to Fox‘s if he’d pleaded guilty. If he had good reasons for not pleading guilty, the film doesn’t explore it, so as a viewer, I can’t help but think he made a personal error for committing a…

  • Surviving R. Kelly

    Surviving R. Kelly


    Gets a 2.5/5 for the comprehensive collection of testimonies from brave survivors who came forward and told their stories. Whatever problems I have with the quality of the filmmaking here, the documentary miniseries will likely do more good than harm, thanks to these stories being put out there (because R. Kelly deserves to be held accountable for these crimes, and for the lives he’s damaged, of course).

    What isn’t impressive is the way this is put together. While there are…