Black Christmas

Black Christmas ½

I’m just going to throw it out there right now that this movie is horrendous, if you are going to watch Black Christmas (1974) you will thank me later. Anyway this is the second remake/reboot or I have no idea what this movie was trying to do, the first the first remake was released in 2006. It was a terrible movie that shoved way too much background of the antagonist....I went into this one hopeful and thought “it couldn’t possibly be any worse than the 2006 one right?” Well somehow it manages to do just that, I’ll get one thing out of the way that this is NOT Black Christmas it doesn’t feel like it. It feels like an entirely different movie, which is fine but using the name Black Christmas feels like it’s trying to get some spotlight so it can get some money. Let’s move on to the movie itself, the acting is horrible, the kills are absolutely laughable, the writing feels like it was written with a bunch of twitter posts. As far as the politics in this movie, I’m perfectly fine with movies having politics. Films have had politics since the beginning of film, however this movie does not do a good job of it. Instead of trying to do it in a clever way, this movie is the equivalent of someone who did one of the two things....either someone saw a bunch of tweets tackling the topic this movie tries to say and thought that blending all those tweets into a movie script was a good idea. Or someone who says they know a lot about the issue but in reality spends 20+ hour on twitter ranting about the issue and not caring to do any other type of research. That’s my biggest issue with this movie it doesn’t tackle the topic in a heavy way, it uses the topic to excuse the bad writing which is not a successful film. On top of that nobody really asked for another Black Christmas movie, if you are wondering why I haven’t really talked much about like the acting, editing and so on it’s because there’s nothing really to comment on, this is basically a horrendous slasher movie that shares the name Black Christmas.

Disgrace To Cinema F

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