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  • The Pope of Greenwich Village

    The Pope of Greenwich Village


    Dudes Rock.

  • A Cry for Help

    A Cry for Help


    Strange ABC Movie of the Week from Canadian 70’s movie king Daryl Duke (Payday, The Silent Partner) with a Levinson & Link script. Robert Culp as an early morning DJ who hosts a 6am call-in show where he insults and berates his callers, including a teenage girl who sounds suicidal. After realizing what he’s done (partly thanks to his callers yelling at him), he uses the power of his pulpit to get the community together to find this woman before it’s…

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  • Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

    A disastrous ending to “The Skywalker Saga” as they would have you now refer to this 9 film story. The story makes no sense, the decision to bring back the Emperor renders Vader’s sacrifice at the end of Return of the Jedi meaningless. The Emperor’s death at the end of the movie is also meaningless since we’ve established that not even being thrown down a power shaft and blown up twice can kill him, so who cares?

    Shameless fan service,…

  • Crazy World

    Crazy World


    A privileged moment: a thousand people gathered together to watch a deranged Wakaliwood action film with live feature length narration from Video Joker VJ Emmie. The fourth wall came crashing down at the halfway point. A potent reminder that cinema can do anything and everything, the sheer exuberance of creativity, budget be damned. Certainly one of the best TIFF screenings ever.