The Little Things ★★

Ever since David Fincher burst onto the scene, everyone is trying to make the next Seven or Zodiac when it comes to detective crime drama. Not that Fincher invented neo noir or even slow burn detective stories, but he definitely had a hand in crafting the style in which all mysteries should strive to be. This movie has a good Denzel performance and not really much else, Rami Malek especially is pretty bad here which is unfortunate. I usually like him as an actor and enjoy his work but he's in full Until Dawn mode here. Jared Leto too doesn't really do anything too mind blowing, he's fine but once he shows up the movie gains a little more momentum but by then it's still pretty lifeless and without steam. Nothing really happens is the biggest problem with the movie I think, the case doesn't ever really have a breakthrough they just kinda know who did it after a while and eventually it ends.
Just wasn't for me unfortunately, which is a shame because I usually love movies like this.... Oh well I suppose maybe next time.

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