Possessor ★★★★

I really enjoyed Brandon Cronenberg’s Antiviral and was looking forward to seeing what he came out with next. I’m glad that he’s sticking with familiar territory with Possessor. The idea that if you’re rich enough, you can pay to take over someone else’s body for a period of time in order to kill people with absolutely no proof of you having ever done it.

The concept is explored really well here. I love the way the person going into the body has to research what that person is like. Their character ticks and mannerisms. It’s really interesting the way that people around them are able to notice that they aren’t quite acting themselves and think something is up.

The film is also really brutal. A stain near the start goes a lot further than expected with close up shots of the knife going in and out of a guys neck. There is plenty more gore throughout the film too. The film looks amazing too, shot by one of my favourite cinematographers, Karim Hussain. Possessor really explores an interesting idea well and has cemented Brandon as a great filmmaker that isn’t at all riding on his father's coat tails.