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  • House of Gucci

    House of Gucci

    There's a scene in this movie where Lady Gaga bends down to try on some heels at the Gucci store or some shit and her ass is sticking out and Al Pacino's character walks into the same Gucci store, and I swear my man was about to yell out to Adam Driver, "SHE GOT A GREAT ASS". Unfortunately, that did not happen.

    Not gonna lie, this was such a missed opportunity. Maybe I went in with the wrong mindset because…

  • Eternals


    I am so bummed to say this, but this was disappointing, to say the least. Far too long and way too many people in the film.

    Chloe Zhao directs this movie with her left ass-cheek. I don't even love Nomadland but there is so much passion in that, and it's so abundantly clear in this film that there is so little creative freedom these directors can have when doing something for the MCU. Even Taika Waititi's Thor: Ragnorak had some…

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  • The Matrix

    The Matrix


    Some of this is kind of dated and very pre-2000s but I cannot deny for a single second that this shit goes so hard. I mean, come on!! How can you not love the hallway sequence? I was squealing in joy when Neo was like "WE NEED A LOTTA GUNS" and then they just woosh straight into a hallway full of guns. Beautiful stuff.

    I have not revisited this series since I was 14 and wanted to refresh myself before…

  • Prometheus


    A lot of this is really flawed but I have to give this movie so much credit for being a blockbuster that actually tries. The first segment with the spacecraft isn't super interesting (not talking about the prologue, that shit was neat AF!), but it does really kick off as soon as they exit the spaceship.

    I have quite a lot of nostalgia for this one, and while it's no longer a favorite of mines like it was when I…

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  • Annette


    Starts off with an incredible one-take musical sequence but loses steam really quickly. Adam Driver's extremely long stand-up comedy sequences just don't really work for me. The message, for how convoluted the film is, is extremely simple and not subtle. The quality of each musical numbers vary greatly from really wonderful opera tracks to dumbass unnatural dialogue singinf. Bit of a hit-or-miss situation.

    Still, in some strange way, I was invested and wanted to see how things played out. Holy Motors is still better though.

  • Blue Bayou

    Blue Bayou


    The 16mm looks so goddamn gorgeous. Opens with one of the most stunning shots I've seen this year, with the grainy cinematography and the faded red leaves that looked like it was shot on Kodak Aerochrome.

    Maybe I've just been feeling especially emotionally vulnerable recently. Perhaps I'm overrating this. But I fucking cried my eyes out in the second half.

    Justin Chon's directing is better than his writing (although I still love the characters he has created here), but his…