Da 5 Bloods ★★★★

I love the way Spike Lee explores the PTSD of these characters after their war experience, showing the truly ugly aspects of how it affects themselves and those around them. When they all go back to the location of the warzone, you can see their trauma slowly bubbling back up to the surface. Delroy Lindo plays Paul to perfection; I was so glad to see how nuanced and flawed each of the characters were.

Although the main focus is the five dudes searching for gold, I'm glad it takes time out of its runtime to kind of explore the damage America has done to the country. It's not the main point of the story though, so I'm glad the movie didn't get too carried away though, but there's a pervasive sense of "stranger danger" that the Vietnamese people feel when they see Paul and his team.

Definitely Spike Lee's best-looking film as well. I love all the wide nature shots, and I really dug the changing of aspect ratio to indicate which time period we're watching. The scene where Paul (Lindo) breaks the fourth wall was awesome.

It definitely has its flaws; some parts can feel a little didactic, and the dialogue suddenly becomes a history lesson for no reason. There are also some scenes where the movie is just really unsubtly shitting on Trump, and maybe the first half could have been trimmed down a bit. It's definitely an ambitious movie to a fault, but this is one of the first 2020 releases where I felt the director was actually giving a shit and put his all into making a film.

Also Leon the Professional got kinda fat.

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