Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★

Weirdly enough, I got Taxi Driver vibes from this film.

From the trailers, I kind of got the gist of the general plot points, and how the film would look like. The movie looks great, and I love all of Carey Mulligan's outfits in this shit. I did expect something more comedic based on the promotional material, but while there were some funny moments for sure, this movie was extremely dark, at least for me.

There is no catharsis in this film. There's very little subtlety in the way the film handles the topic of sexual assault, but I think it actually works to the film's advantage. Cassie wants to avenge her friend's death, but at what cost? Her methods soon reveal how misguided she is, despite her good intentions. It is clear that she is fiercely loyal to her friend, but at what point did it stop becoming about Nina and start becoming about Cassie and the satisfaction she gets from doing all of this? It's a movie about how people in America react to sexual assault cases disguised as a morally ambiguous vigilante tale.

Very mild spoilers (I don't go into details), but I didn't really have an issue with the ending; perhaps I read too much about this beforehand, but I expected something a lot more... polarizing? Maybe that's just because I absolutely loved the ending, and thought it fit perfectly in the film. It's so mercilessly dark, and honestly made the movie really memorable. It refuses to give us the satisfaction of a standard revenge flick, and I loved that. Mild complaints but I definitely wish the rest of the film was a bit more brutal/disturbing like the ending.

That Paris Hilton song hit different though.

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