The Good Dinosaur

The Good Dinosaur ★★★

I like the idea that dinosaurs talk and the human characters did not. I certainly expected this to be a bottom-tier Pixar film, and while it doesn't surpass the likes of Coco or Wall-E, it's a charming film nonetheless.

The film is pretty cheesy for the most part, and while the ending felt pretty unearned, I had a good time with it. The sticks sequence with the two characters explaining their family situations was a really nice bit. Pixar films are kind of like Marvel films where most of them are at least passable, even if most of them don't end up becoming my all-time favorites (although, Pixar's highs are definitely higher than Marvel's highs). I'm just surprised that this is the second children's film (after Dora and the Lost City of Gold) that features a segment involving the main characters tripping balls. And I low-key love how goddamn violent some of the scenes in this film are. This shit was rated G!!!

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