Possessor ★★★★

+Great performances by Christopher Abbott, Andrea Riseborough and Sean bean.
+This film is wild...i'm pretty sure you won't see any other 2020 release like it.
+It's a nice merge of the Sci-fi and horror genres.
+Visually the film is stunning, having horrifying imagery, fast unique editing and an eerie score. The 'possessor' sequences are most memorable, the shots of Tasya's mask are nightmare material.
+The plot is intriguing throughout; showing Tasya's gradual deterioration after being the "possessor" for so long.
+The practical effects look very realistic, and let's just say Cronenberg doesn't hold back on the gore...a particular scene involving someone's eye was hard to watch. It's an absolute bloodbath.
-It's definitely not for everyone due to how mean spirited the finale is. Also the fact that it has alot of 'artsy' tendencies, might put some people off, especially if you're expecting a more 'classic horror' of today's standards.

Overall- Possessor is one of my favourite horror films of the year.

DID YOU KNOW- There are two versions of the script for "Possessor." Writer/director Brandon Cronenberg has said there is a possibility of a second movie down the line, one that would encompass the material that didn't make it into this film.

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