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  • I Vitelloni

    I Vitelloni


    Dudes just wasting away at the pier watching the waves and the world pass them by. I love the heart and empathy Fellini has for his characters here (as well as his other works). Even the horndogs can hope for redemption in Fellini's world. These are guys who are horny and have very little means or wants to escape their own town. And it's really those little moments that Fellini can make feel gargantuan. Like when a character leaves on a train and the camera glides away from his friends. It's a powerful piece of editing and Fellini is such a maestro with his work.

  • The Young Girls Turn 25

    The Young Girls Turn 25


    There's a moment where Varda turns down the opportunity to christen a bridge dedicated to her late husband. The look on her face is one of sadness. And that sense of loss does permeate plenty of this documentary, but in Agnes Varda's hands it also is slyly put together as a love letter to the entire community that made Demy's classic possible. Even the old people who can't see what's happening and are enjoying the music. There's also the couple who reenact a scene from the school in the original film. It's loss and love wrapped together in a way that only Agnes Varda can accomplish.

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  • Uncut Gems

    Uncut Gems


    The Safdie brothers begin the masterpiece that marks the culmination of their careers with a dreamlike sequence, which takes you from the mines of Africa to Howard's ass, that only master filmmakers are capable of achieving. It creates this universal connection that can only be done through film and the fact that they get there through a cacophonous fury of screaming is such an impressive feat. Also, Adam Sandler delivers a performance with the power of a 1000 gods. What…

  • Mission: Impossible - Fallout

    Mission: Impossible - Fallout


    I'm going to spend the next 48 hours of my life staring at myself nude in the mirror trying to perfect Henry Cavill's arm reloading technique.