Us ★★★★★

ARE U FUCKING KIDDING ME?????!!!!!! horror is officially my favorite genre, but like psychological horror. my love for “the shining” & “hereditary” is such a big part of my love for film & peele blows it out of the park here. just like kubrick & aster, peele gives you violence & jumpscares, but that aspect could never beat the mind fucking that goes on. peele’s inspiration from “funny games” is very promonante but perfectly displayed. i think the best part of “us” is lupita’s perfomance. she will leave you in terror but at the same nutures you & makes you trust her. how perfect casting was for this film, wow. the metaphors used are extraordinary & i really feel like going into detail but i don’t want to ruin this for anyone who hasn’t seen it, even by putting a spoiler warning. this will be one of, if not the best film of 2019. my advice if ur going into this movie the first time, notice everything. pay attention to every corner of the screen & invest yourself in the craziness that is “us”.

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