From Up on Poppy Hill

Ghibli films have such an ability to make me feel happy about life.
They showcase such saturation of the simple pleasures in life; dicing lettuce, mopping floors, the fulfillment of simple expectations.
To fully appreciate how difficult this type of animation is, just try to imagine how hard it would be to animate something as small as the movement of the skirt in this shot by hand:
That would take me a month to get right, probably longer. And to think how much work and appreciation has gone into the entire Ghibli canon can just become so jaw-dropping.
On the week of his 80th birthday, I'm watching so many movies of Hayao's, this one is his son's (Goro), but I'm so incredibly moved by the craftsmanship and drive and love this family and team has to create lovable life on film.
It is overwhelming.