Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad ★★

Will Smith playing Will Smith and Margot Robbie do not a good film make.

Not a terrible film, just a desperately mediocre one. It suffers massively from an uneven tone, wedged in flashbacks and two utterly awful villains. Not to mention the lack of plot (what are the villains doing?) and aside from the aforementioned pair forgettable characters. Also characters that dont seem to really have any powers apart from gangbanger fire dude.

My main issue is that I hated, HATED, Leto as the Joker. Too over the top, too weird and I dont know how hes going to do any good against Batfleck. He should have spent his time on set reading Joker comics instead of acting like a fucking knob.

Redeeming points are few and far between - Liked seeing Batfleck again, Jokers goons had some cool costumes, and the Soundtrack was OK even if it was a bit obvious and a bit 'you guys liked GOTG right? have a soundtrack thats a bit like it'. Thats the overall impression I had from the entire film - 'is this OK, will it do?' 'Is this cool? is this what you want from a super hero film?''.

No its not. I dont want the DCU to still be floundering this late in the game. They have some great characters, I want a New Gods film, I want Booster Gold, The Justice Society, a decent Green Lantern, live action versions of the fantastic animated series and films. Not this rushed mess that they marketed as being edgy and weird and cool and hot fucking topic when in reality it was just a mediocre action film with a hot girl in not much and Mike Lowrey.

And fuck that Joker.

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