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  • Laocoon & Sons
  • Why Does Mr. R. Run Amok?
  • Blow Up My Town
  • Be Sure to Behave

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  • Loos Ornamental

  • The Tree, the Mayor and the Mediatheque

  • Louis Sullivan: the Struggle for American Architecture

  • Portrait of an Unknown Woman

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  • Loos Ornamental
  • The Tree, the Mayor and the Mediatheque

    The Tree, the Mayor and the Mediatheque

    Now the countryside will bloom,
    Swallows will have lots of room.
    Fields covered with flowers bright,
    For the ladybugs' delight!
    No more insecticides,
    No more pesticides,
    No more diesel oil,
    No roads the view to spoil,
    We'll breathe in oxygen,
    instead of kerosene.

    No garbage dumps that tower,
    No more atomic power,
    No holes in the old ozone,
    No zones
    Of planning bureaucratic,
    No more media library.
    And the lending library
    In an old attic,
    The video collection
    in a…

Popular reviews

  • Vertical Features Remake

    Vertical Features Remake

    (according to a book called “The Subterranean River of Cinema”) the first ever structural film is a 1800 meters long-n-straight Waldstein alley of lime trees (in between two Bohemian towns: Jičín and Lomnice nad Popelkou) planted in 1631. reasoning substantiating the fact is as follows...

    around 1800 it was discovered that behind many epileptic seizures of ppl who travel in a carriage (driven by horses) is a coincidence that these seizures occur while passing through an alley of trees (low…

  • The Light Penetrates the Dark

    The Light Penetrates the Dark


    What follows in a short excerpt from a monograph of Zdeněk Pešánek (1896-1965) published in 1996:

    In order to get an idea of what the “kinetic electric light show” of Pešánek’s “Edisonka” (The Light-Kinetic Sculpture for the Edison Transformer Station in Prague; designed in successive stages during 1926-1930; in function till at least 1936) looked like, let’s quote the artist’s own description of the changes occurring in the sculpture during the space of eight bars (each bar lasted five seconds)…