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  • The Revenge of Frankenstein

    The Revenge of Frankenstein


    I've forever admired Victor Frankenstein. Some missteps here and there, sure, but overall his undertakings have always seemed legit to me. This classic biopic shows a few of his techniques, but much detail is left out due to Frankenstein's fetish for extreme secrecy (there's a lot more to the "brain into jar" transplant procedure than is shown, for example). It also shows the man himself - how being at the forefront of science can be a lonely pursuit, his relentless…

  • Blade Runner 2049

    Blade Runner 2049


    Not much to look forward to, but the massive leap in hooker technology is encouraging.

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  • Heat



    "You can ball my wife but you can't watch my television" is the best line ever written and I pray to God I get to use it one day!

  • Interstellar



    Holy hell this is bad. It's like a moron schooled an imbecile in "space stuff" (wormholes! 5 dimensions! um yeh, space stuff!), making sure to add Hollywood-engendered emotional bullet points, and with a ridiculous "Earth (ie, small-town America) can only grow corn and there's lots of dust" backstory thrown in for good measure. The music consists of two notes played over and over by a delinquent hamster. The ending is trash, varying between nonsense and sentimentality - but really this…