Suicide Squad ★★½

Extended Cut Review:

I, along with the majority of people who were eagerly anticipating the release of Suicide Squad last year, were left disappointed, to put mildly, by the finish product we were presented with. That said, I was up for watching it again in its extended format now to see if my mind could be changed. And I’m pleased to say I enjoyed it more, but only ever so slightly. The main issues with the film I had previously still stand, however, I wasn’t expecting this version of the film (which only adds 11 minutes of extra footage) to change that. What this cut of the film achieves is a greater sense of the forming of a team, of a ‘family’ of sorts, as we see each of the individuals gradually come together throughout the film. Admittedly though what I was most looking forward to from this cut was more Joker, because despite the negative reception Jared Leto’s interpretation received, I for one rather liked it, but I needed more. The film does offer more to show, as an exchange between Harley Quinn and the Joker presents more substance to their twisted relationship. However, it still doesn’t justify the Joker’s presence in the film on the whole, because if you’re going to have him appear he has to be crucial to the story, and not a character you can brush aside to a meagre 15 minutes or so of screen time.

While I am still disappointed on the whole with this film, I allowed myself to enjoy it more as I already knew the pit falls of the film and so could relax into it slightly. Also, I was rather harsh I think to Will Smith’s and Margot Robbie’s performance last review, and would like to correct myself on that fact as they do bring a lot of heart to the emotional side of their character’s stories. I’d even go as far to say now that they provide the best performances in the film, especially Robbie who is perfect for the role of Harley Quinn. Who knows, perhaps on another rewatch I’ll enjoy it more, I wouldn’t be surprised. It might even turn out to be a guilty pleasure.

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