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  • Michael


    when i was a kid, i had a very religious older neighbor who kidnapped me and took me to get baptized when she realized i wasn't. this was her favorite movie. she died of covid in april

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  • The Rundown

    The Rundown

    Scavenger Hunt 70

    18. Watch a film from a director that you dislike.

    Peter Berg has never really lived up to the promise of The Rundown, one of the most spectacularly built action comedies of the 2000s. this is still my favorite Rock performance - one he could never give now - and there's so much MVP shit from Ewen Bremner. i love this movie.

    that said, one of the worst tropes is when a character who hates guns ends up using them and it's played as character growth. just have him use them from the beginning, the movie is what it is, it's fine

  • Who Killed Captain Alex?

    Who Killed Captain Alex?

    Scavenger Hunt 70

    20. David Lynch is turning 75 today. Watch one of his films

    Jack Note: i adore David Lynch, one of my favorite living filmmakers, but i have seen everything he's done and want to have new things on this list. in the spirit of Lester's thoughtfully organized hunt, i have chosen something on their watchlist that is international, that i have always wanted to see, and that i feel like Lynch would enjoy

    i've been hearing about…

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  • Welcome to Marwen

    Welcome to Marwen

    cw: cancer

    being diagnosed with cancer and being viciously attacked in a hate crime are fundamentally different tragedies. but the way Zemeckis tells this story - mistakenly labeled by critics as tonally jarring and awkward by accident - is something i responded to on a visceral level. i am two years cancer-free, and that is a great relief, but that pain never goes away. it violently bursts in my life without warning. i was in the hospital for 22 days…

  • Let Them All Talk

    Let Them All Talk

    i can't remember the last movie i saw so in love with the joys of rambling so fervently you miss your own epiphanies. i am someone who often struggles to find the end of a point; this movie is for me. i love it so much