Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★

Actually enjoyed more than I thought and it was fine gory entertainment for a Friday evening, accompanied by beer and pizza, but... 

Dave Bautista was really boring in it and he felt a bit dialled in. WHY the hell did anyone think it was ok to write his character to be this obsessed with what kind of sandwiches he’d make at his food truck IF they got out of Vegas?? The standard action movie characters are all here with very few characters being likeable. A bigger arsehole collection of characters you’ll never find. However, I liked some of the chemistry.

The action was itself really enjoyable and it delivers plenty of that really well. Bizarrely, the cinematography is excellent and can’t deny it’s a really well made movie in parts. 

Nicely set up for a sequel or 10 also.

Less dialogue next time please.