Justin LaLiberty

Justin LaLiberty


Projectionist/film programmer by trade, obsessive cinephile by necessity. Archivist at Vinegar Syndrome.

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  • The Police Are Blundering in the Dark

    The Police Are Blundering in the Dark


    The police may be blundering in the dark but that topless woman is eating a sandwich with the lights on.

  • Body Heat

    Body Heat


    I'm really happy that the dude credited with writing "Luke, I am your father." also wrote "Hey lady, ya wanna fuck?"

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  • Day of the Warrior

    Day of the Warrior


    “Can you operate a camcorder?”

    “We’re totally celluloid literate. Cyberspace film school, two day intensive.”

    Andy Sidaris is the voice of film students everywhere.

  • Prince of Darkness

    Prince of Darkness


    Carpenter’s only foray into anything arguably abstract; an impressively gross and tense rumination on spirituality - and its inherent politics and fallacies - and how a diverse group of people fall apart when confronted with the end. The absolute scariest image in any Carpenter film is Lisa Blount trapped in the abyss on the other side of the mirror, which translates well in a post-2020 world.

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  • The Square

    The Square


    Much better than The Circle.

  • The Invention of Lying

    The Invention of Lying

    "If you could do anything, what would you do?"

    "Grab women's boobs" - Louis C.K.

    Well, this aged well.