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Justin LaLiberty


Projectionist/film programmer by trade, obsessive cinephile by necessity. Archivist at Vinegar Syndrome.

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  • The Police Are Blundering in the Dark

    The Police Are Blundering in the Dark


    The police may be blundering in the dark but that topless woman is eating a sandwich with the lights on.

  • Body Heat

    Body Heat


    I'm really happy that the dude credited with writing "Luke, I am your father." also wrote "Hey lady, ya wanna fuck?"

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  • The Faculty

    The Faculty


    the idea of Harry Knowles working in a high school is fucking terrifying

  • Black Bear

    Black Bear


    fully expected this to be some Always Shine-esque lo-fi psychological horror jam with Sophia Takal on as a producer but it's more of an angsty mumblecore drama where everyone throws tantrums and reality is seemingly malleable - Plaza is good and there's running gag involving diarrhea so my needs were fulfilled

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  • The Square

    The Square


    Much better than The Circle.

  • The Invention of Lying

    The Invention of Lying

    "If you could do anything, what would you do?"

    "Grab women's boobs" - Louis C.K.

    Well, this aged well.