The Addiction ★★★★

Some of the *great* quotes from Abel on the new blu-ray commentary:

"There he is right there, Russell" (after Russell Simmons' credit)

"Yeah, these are all the old favorites..." (just watching the credits)

"We had to do one black and white film, man."

"There ain't no fuckin' extras. This is the street. You think I'm directing these people? We shoot in the street bro, what the fuck? You think we're casting these people, this is fuckin' New York!"

"*singing*, I wanna get hiiiiiigh"

"This is pre-Uber New York, dog"

"You gotta give the vampire shit credit. Who would even come up with that?"

"That might be an actress, I don't know."

"This is Kodak at it's peak!"

"Was that a lighting effect or someone just bumped into the curtain?"

"Bresson is always the influence."

"Watch those hamburgers, man! Jesus Christ"

"It's Tony Soprano's wife."

"Hamburgers are still around."

"I'm looking to do a film about Auschwitz"

"Stay wide, bro."

"That is not chocolate syrup."

"That's real blood, that's real insertion."

"Put the shades on your lead actor and your film goes to a whole other dimension"

"Now if you want to live near Washington Square, you need to be Donald Trump's fuckin' niece."

"It's nothing." (when asked what he thinks of the restoration)

"Imagine that we're sitting on a couch together, wherever you are."

"Now it's Man with the Golden Arm time"

"I'm so happy I'm off this shit, it's not even funny."

"I'm gonna make this fucking Auschwitz, I don't even give a fuck."

"Oh man, we missed the fucking sound effect on that head."

"Fuck Bobby Bresson."

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