Columbus ★★★★★

"I though you hated architecture."
"I do. But I'm interested in what moves you."

The scene this quote is taken from perfectly encapsulates the feeling of being with someone, and just being so enthralled by them, so intoxicated by their company it doesn't matter if you have no grounding or interest in the things they're talking about. You just sort of stand or sit there, drinking it all in, sinking into their voice and ideas in a way that feels revelatory. It doesn't really matter what they're saying, and the scene knows this--it's shot from behind a window, and you see Casey's lips moving but only hear the soft pianos and synths. You're hooked, and aren't going to be let go easily.

Columbus is interested in more just this feeling, but so much of the core of it is two people for whom existing in the same vicinity is enough. Normally when I use that phrase it's in the context of romance, but in the case of Casey and Jin it's more about perspective. Columbus captures the experience of meeting someone with an outlook so different from your own, and so different from everything you've been exposed to. you can't help but sit with what you thought you believed and rethink, well, all of it.

I wish I had the time right now to fully expand on all of this, but I don't. Maybe later I will, when I've had more time to sit with the movie and really feel better about articulating all the thoughts that are sort of swirling around in my head right now. There's a lot in here, about relationships with physical places, how mundane they can seem from a certain lens until you take another look at them and everything is recontextualized into the most fascinating thing you've ever seen. Fuck, this is also just such a gorgeously shot movie, every frame is beautiful and the way the camera just sits still and lingers, letting all the movement happen within the frame rather than moving with it... I'll be coming back to this one many times, I think.

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