Free Fire ★★★½

Free Fire may not have much in the plot department. Hell, the characters aren't really much beyond caricatures. They're given just enough lines to make the viewers care, and nothing beyond that. The film feels stripped down and bare bones.

And somehow, it works incredibly well. Clocking in at just under 90 minutes, it's a tight, action packed film. It's also quite unlike any other crime/action film I've ever seen. Free Fire picks one location, and spends the entire film there. "Location" is too broad a term - the vast majority of this film takes place in a single room.

It's well shot, well acted, and, above all, entertaining. Free Fire knows what it is, and leans into that heavily. Ultimately, the film is better for it. So while it may not be the type of slow, introspective cinema I tend to really enjoy, I can't help but recommend Free Fire.