Parasite ★★★★★

Some (still loose thoughts) now that I've had a little space:

- Ditching the sci-fi trappings paid off really well for Joon-ho, everything lands so much harder than in Snowpiercer even though thematically they're very similar. Even the more on the nose metaphors (a homeless man literally living in the rich family's basement without them knowing) work really well
- Love how Joon-ho teases out the underlying tension over the course of the movie's run time and shifts it from a screwball comedy to a super intense thriller by the end
- Really smart framing of class struggle and how capitalism's ideological support structures pit members of the working class against one another to prevent any sort of class consciousness
- I was really impressed at how much the script humanizes both the Kim and Park families, and not for the sake of some enlightened centrist both-sides nonsense

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