Prometheus ★★★

Prometheus, while not the total misfire many would have you believe, is a profoundly disappointing film. Spend enough time thinking and reading thinkpieces about it, and it's easy to convince yourself otherwise. I did it to myself, thinking "hey, maybe Prometheus is actually a lot smarter than I remember!"

But Prometheus is nowhere near as smart as it wants to be. Sure, it subverts the expectations surrounding a film in the Alien universe pretty well. The DNA is there, but it's still the most unique film in the franchise. The willingness on the part of Ridley Scott to move away from something more familiar is worth applauding.

When it comes to tackling the big questions, however, Prometheus falls incredibly short. It's crossed my mind that maybe that's the point of the whole thing, but I can't bring myself to give the film that much credit.

It sets up all these brilliant plot points and mysteries, and completely fails to answer them. What's worse is that it fails to actually pay off the buildup with anything interesting at all. Instead, we get silly set pieces. When the movie should start ramping up and hammering its existential points home, it takes a Sunshine-esque turn for the worse.

The first two acts are mostly solid, with a few missteps. Every time I watch this film, I find myself even more invested in the characters and the questions they're setting out to answer. Prometheus is a movie that should have been slow paced and introspective - which the first two acts go for, albeit a little halfheartedly.

Again though, it's really the last act that gets me. It just feels so... so wrong. With this viewing, I found myself distracted by my Twitter feed during the last half hour. I would look back up at the screen and roll my eyes, because.... goddamn. How did this movie fuck up so bad?