Vice ★★½

Vice is, unfortunately, a movie that uses an exceptional cast to try and make me feel anything but the utmost contempt for Dick and Lynne Cheney and everyone in their circle. The only time I want to hear about Dick Cheney is a) When he dies and/or b) When he and his disgusting ilk are being held accountable for their many, many crimes.

Vice tries to be the latter, but you don't accomplish that by trying to make him appear human. I do not give a shit about his family dinners, that his piece of shit wife loves him, or that he did the bare minimum and chose not to disown his lesbian (until he functionally did). You don't get to cast him in that light and also portray him as the subhuman monster he is.

It's also extremely weird for the movie to end on Christian Bale (in character ofc) explaining why killing 600,000 Iraqi civilians was good, actually! I think you're supposed to laugh at him but never once is this idea portrayed as preposterous! Everything Vice tries to satirize, it just... does. There was a clever bit halfway through where it made fun of ending biopics with on screen text about what happened next and then they just do that unironically at the end.

The whole thing just felt very confused to me. I could rarely tell when it was trying to do irony and when I could it was painfully unfunny, but oh well. Would have liked to see this cast do something with teeth.