Jean-Luc has written 3 reviews for films rated ★★½ during 2016.

  • The Battle of Algiers

    The Battle of Algiers


    Based on how much I've heard about The Battle of Algiers, I've always just kind of assumed it was a classic, and have had perpetually on my list of films to watch. It's one of those that I'd just heard a lot about, but could never be bothered to track down and watch. As it turns out, I actually had to watch this film for a class this semester, so this is kind of a 2-for-1.

    Except for the fact…

  • Dirty Pretty Things

    Dirty Pretty Things


    "Dirty Pretty Things" is an absolute chore to watch, from beginning to end. Initially, this isn't so much because the film is bad, but rather, because of its willingness to deal with uncomfortable subject matter. It's meant to be provocative and gritty, to show more privileged audience the reality in which so many immigrants live. That is certainly an admirable goal.

    I will say, there are things that I liked about Dirty Pretty Things. The performances are excellent across the…

  • Mr. Right

    Mr. Right

    I'm not quite sure that Mr. Right is a bad film.

    In fact, I feel quite comfortable saying that it isn't a bad film at all, it's actually completely fine. It's just... decidedly not for me. It's attempts at humor really didn't resonate with me, and I really wasn't buying the romance between the two main characters, who's names I don't even remember.

    At some points, Mr. Right felt, to me, like a weak attempt to be a Tarantino film.…