My goal is to review all movies I watch as a diary exercise. I'm not logging movies I've seen before I started this account.

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  • Snowpiercer



    Very good as an action movie. Sometimes impressive choreography (the guy with the coat over no shirt was cool) and a mystery behind each door. Moves at a rapid pace but still gives lots of details to its world.

    Mediocre-plus as a social commentary, but has some surprises (I won’t spoil) that make it a little richer than surface. Got the graphic novel I’m looking forward to reading as comparison and we’ll see how it works as a show!

  • A Hidden Life

    A Hidden Life


    His best since before Tree of Life. TOL and beyond- I forget who said it but it’s true- looks like a De Beers commercial. I think the historical fiction is a lot stronger because it takes all the unbridled emotion and uses it to add weight to knowledge.

    I loved the story. Thematically, it actually reminded me of a 10 year old episode of Radiolab about how he Milgrim Shock Experiment is one of the most misinterpreted anecdotes of psychological…

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  • The Dark Knight Rises

    The Dark Knight Rises

    Just to round this off in my diary here- dnf. After hours through the rest of the franchise, I’m finally defeated. Simply, it sucks.

  • Tales from Earthsea

    Tales from Earthsea


    I saw this in theaters, age 18, big old gibli kid, and hated it. I also read the first book of the series, age 14, and hated it. So, it wasn’t my movie pick... but I was presently surprised on the rewatch! The first hour of this gets 5 stars. Classic heroes journey/ rpg/ princess mononoke type stuff with mystical undertones.

    The second hour devolves into a really tortured form of atheist mythology. From scratch, Le Guin is trying to…