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  • Moonlight



    Such a beautiful film. One that makes me think my preference for film cinematography over digital is probably just elitist and absurd (though the preference remains). The camera movement, the anamorphic lens, the colors. It's stunningly beautiful from beginning to end, and all the more so because the camerawork is used to build on and strengthen the emotions present in the film.

    I think each time I've seen this, I've liked it more. The parallels in the three acts become…

  • The Battle of Algiers

    The Battle of Algiers


    Phenomenal. This film captures so much so effectively. The cyclical, escalating nature of violence and war, the tragic losses that always result, and imperialism's inherent injustice. The saddest part of The Battle of Algiers for me was how applicable it still is. We haven't learned from the mistakes of history. It's disappointing to see so much similarity between the U.S. of today and the France of the 50s.

    The film itself is excellent. I was blown away by the docu-style filmmaking. The Battle of Algiers achieves insane levels of realism, which drives the themes home all the more powerfully.

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  • Whiplash



    Is this the best film? Maybe. It's certainly up there. I think it's perfect. On this viewing, I really noticed how well the cinematography and editing worked with the music to create a perfect tempo for the film. There was no rushing, there was no dragging. It deservedly won best editing at the Oscars. J.K. Simmons absolutely earned his Oscar as well. What a performance. Miles Teller is great too. Every part of this film is honestly great.

    What I…

  • Save Yourselves!

    Save Yourselves!


    I loved loved loved this film. It probably joins What We Do in the Shadows and Game Night as my top three comedies. Very rarely do I laugh so hard and so consistently in a movie.

    Incredible writing. Authentic, hilarious, satirical, compassionate. Incredible acting. Sunita Mani and John Reynolds are something else. Incredible chemistry between everyone involved. Especially Mani and Reynolds, but also the cowriters/codirectors, and even a baby who gets a brief role in the film.

    Great cinematography and coloring,…