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  • Moonstruck



    so nicolas cage is clinically insane 🌚

  • Emma



    jane austen didn't become the ultimate #girlboss of her generation just so gwyneth paltrow could give the most 🍦vanilla 🍨 performance of emma woodhouse she could possibly muster out of her vagina-scented ass. UPON MY WORD!

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  • Normal People Confessions

    Normal People Confessions


    fleabag + normal people crossover = the shows' attempt at reversing the psychological and emotional trauma they evoked.

  • The Farewell

    The Farewell


    i watched this film twice in one day. the first time alone, and then the second time with my parents.

    upon my first watch, i resonated with billi and her frustrations with her family because it seemed unfair and, frankly, unethical to keep something that important from nai nai. having read paul kalanithi's memoir when breath becomes air, i remembered his emphasis on embracing mortality with fortitude and finding purpose in the face of death. thus, i wholeheartedly believed that…