Between the World and Me ★★★★

i finished the book yesterday, and i am still so in awe of ta-nehisi coates' powerful words. this adaptation honored those words and presented black bodies who could carry their weight.

between the world and me is painstakingly truthful about the black experience—the struggle, the history, the beauty—written with an unbelievable level of love and care.

"they made us into a race. we made ourselves into a people."

but above all, it is the story of father and son. 

"there was before you, and then there was after, and in this after, you were the God i'd never had."

coates' original work as well as kamilah forbes' adaptation paint an unavoidable truth, one that can no longer exist under an illusion. to say that this was an eye-opening experience would be to make the biggest understatement of the year.

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