Black Christmas

Black Christmas ★½

Ouch, I was actually really looking forward to this, but Unfortunately it’s pretty disappointing. The story’s a mess, and dialogues pretty rough and focuses more on its messages/themes which are important and need to be heard but is communicated in a way that is very heavy handed and lacking in any subtlety and there’s no substance to back it up or compelling enough characters to help make it feel organic and natural either and mostly just stated outright in exposition instead of being explored in a meaningful way. The horror slasher elements feel like an after thought and clearly felt like it was shot as a R rated flick and edited a lot to get a PG-13 rating  and it really shows and most of it doesn’t come in to play till the 3rd act anyway so I can’t imagine horror/slasher fans being particularly satisfied in most of this either. I really wanted to like this, I like the people involved and what they were trying to go for here and it’s just feels like this was rushed and messy and that really sucks, this had a lot of potential.