Speed Racer

Speed Racer

Yes I am returning to this for a fourth time this year. It is so unlike anything else that there’s basically no other option if you’re in the mood for it. 

I have most fallen in love with Wachowski’s opening here which I couldn’t praise any better than Nathan Smith does in his review:

teaches you how to read all its visual rules within 1 opening 20-minute sequence that dissolves time/stretches space. 

This whole thing is a symphony and if you don’t believe me well there is a literal orchestral crescendo at the very close. So take that. 

I kept thinking “what if as many studios grew obsessed with replicating this the same way they did The Dark Knight from the same year”. This certainly gave a few movies confidence (Scott Pilgrim) but no family blockbusters at the same scale breaking visual boundaries, unfortunately. And I referenced Sonic last time but it really is a perfect example of something that could take inspiration from this instead of Marvel or whatever and be so much better.

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