Zack Snyder's Justice League

Zack Snyder's Justice League

Rocks better than ever on my crisp, new 4K UHD disc. The first one I’ve put to use in my home theater set up and sheesh was it awesome. The images popped in a way HBO max compression never let them but the sound was arguably the bigger step up. The sequence of Lois visiting Superman’s monument to Distant Sky sounded like Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds were in the room singing directly to me. Was also surprised how much better the VFX looked in better quality, which wasn’t what I expected. 

I love this movie so much, I was a bit worried that love would falter but after all the movies we’ve gotten since I only feel more confident in my admiration. Sans the epilogue, I could walk in on it at any moment and would be unable to turn it off. It’s an epic tale packed with big, dramatic moments and jaw dropping action sequences. 

Usually with movies I jot down stuff in the notes app as it plays, things I like and dislike and things I feel like I learn about what makes a good movie. Trying something new and just gonna copy and paste that over to here instead of translating it all into an overly polished write up. 

- Superman’s cry in surround sound 🤤
- Love seeing Batman’s journey, essential to start a film and make it feel epic 
- Flakes of snow, gusts of wind, puffs of smoke, drops of rain… Snyder loves texture in as many shots as he can get. 
- Epic quality also comes from how much Snyder works to establish space
- Baffling how much the theatrical cut took Diana from badass, knowledgeable female warrior. The scene in the museum is just action for actions sake if you don’t show that moment with the little girl which is SO good. They took stuff like that out so they could turn her into the hot team mom and have flash fall on her boobs and have her tend to Batfleck’s wounds. 
- I know some people complain about the digital camera moves looking too video gamey or whatever but they undeniably have intention to them which is all that matters to me.  
- Seeing Steppenwolf at his weakest and most insecure helps establish him as villain
- Flash intro scene is a work of art
- All the heroes introduced saving people
- Heroicism is not about the feats you do but the people you help. 
- The Superman resurrection scene is so good because you don’t even see His face but the score and the performances and imagery all make you feel like you’re in the presence of something holy. You can feel the power he has. Spine tingling in the best way. 
- Mad Bats Fury Road is amazing. Batmobile functions as war rig and all the action happening around it. Is Snyder the first one to make a mainstream movie directly riffing Fury Road? 
- Center framed action compositions are so key when moving quickly around, another thing he took from Fury Road. 
- Alfred is always tinkering in this movie. Giving characters something to do gives more space for blocking and spacing
- When people say stuff is video game inspired there’s 90% chance they just mean the action is always going somewhere and feels staged out. This is a good thing!! 
- I appreciate Snyder gave us the joker epilogue but it by far has the most diminishing returns.

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