Glen or Glenda ★★★★½

You know, I think I enjoy Glen Or Glenda a bit more overall than Plan 9.

Both are amazingly terrible though and worth seeing to believe!

Much love to Ed Wood for attempting to explain (although clumsy to the detail), transvestite and transgender people at once, and show them as the human beings they are in a highly closed minded America which saw these people as otherwise.

The film does however focus mainly on transvestism. The transgender aspect doesn't really come in until toward the end.

In spite of Ed Woods clumsy attempt at making a film on the subject, his heart was in the right place, and the film sure is funny, if not a little too 'wtf' at moments.

For instance, can anybody tell me what that wipping and tying up sequence was actually about? I found myself glued to the screen but having no idea what to make of it.

Godawful film, but a film with heart, which is also inSANELY watchable.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna get my broom on that big green dragon sitting on my door step. Little shits been there all week.

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