Rope ★★★★★

Halloween Film-A-Thon 2018: 17

It's so hard not being able to watch any Carpenter this Halloween, as they're all being released on 4K UHD in November. I was excited to revisit Escape From New York, Prince Of Darkness, The Fog etc, all in my Halloween marathon but no... it'll have to be missed this year.

But I'm going to see this as a blessing in disguise, because I've decided to take the opportunity to watch some Hitchcock this Halloween! A director I adore whose work I don't admire as often as I'd like.

And Rope... Rope was on last years Halloween marathon, and I thought i'd put it on this year too, as it really is thee greatest Hitchcock film of all time... I think. Vertigo is there too, but like with The Godfather, it's hard to choose a favourite. But Rope might just be it.

The human darkside getting the better of two young men. Based on a true story. A wonderful atmosphere. Great sound, music, and just an all round brilliant feel. It's just perfect. I love it.

What it must've been like to see this on the big screen all those years ago. Take me back.

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