Sudden Impact ★★★★★

I know the humour is totally out of place in a Dirty Harry movie, but the farting dog cracks me up every time.

Here it is... the last truly great Dirty Harry film. Clint Eastwood I think was definitely going back to the first film in this one with some truly sickening characters on display.

In fact I literally just realized this but Sudden Impact is a sort of combination of the previous three. Dark unpleasantness is back from the first. The action and vigilantism of Magnum Force is back, and so is the more comedic aspects of The Enforcer.

Holy shit...

Anyway, next up, my least favourite and there for least viewed sequel in my favourite franchise. The Dead Pool!

They need to bring out more detective films like Dirty Harry these days. This is my kinda shit. They should make a Dirty Harry cinematic universe. But the world doesn't revolve around me so that'll never happen.

I love how each Dirty Harry movie had a different director, but the action always maintained a high quality. Apart from The Dead Pool... but I hardly remember that travesty, maybe it does. But every gunshot in these pack such a punch, with shardes of wood flying out and collateral damage everywhere.

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