Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

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This review may contain spoilers.

Quentin Tarantino sure knows how to set up a grand finale. Most of this movie is... not underwhelming, not boring, but not nearly as heavy as his other movies. You see him here and there (as always he picked his actresses by their WikiFeet scores), but a lot of it is just good dialogue and a few haha moments and some really good acting moments (DiCaprio, gosh). Until you see that truly wonderful last act unfold. And it all comes together beautifully. You've been deceived in the best possible way.

If I'm not mistaken, this is the least violent of his movies, but, in my opinion, it has the best violence because it works so, so well. It's a very exciting punch in the face, it trolls the crap out of the Manson hippies and, yes, out of us viewers, but not to make fun of us. What a delightful shock.

That little girl was awesome, but her first scene might have been a tad bit too long (longest tripod shot in a Tarantino movie?). Just as the Al Pacino stuff, I didn't think it was very relevant, not sure why he was in it. That also caused sort of a rough start in my opinion.
I did recently watch Jack & Jill and since then, Old Pacino is more of a trashy choice for me; so I might be biased here.

And I don't know, some stuff was still a bit too long, but I wonder how much better the last act got because of it. A handful of otherwise meaningless scenes suddenly got more meaningful in retrospect, so one can pretty much forgive any hint of boredom that might have come around while watching it.

The soundtrack is nice. Great cinematography. The sound was... well, often very loud with high pitched voices / sounds, but it was very effective.

I feel strongly that I should rewatch this movie eventually knowing the ending to better judge it. I couldn't settle for less than four stars, but I'll leave it at 4 1/2 for now, because man, I never had this much fun during a scene in the cinema. I could have easily paid 20 bucks to see this and it would've been worth it. Either way, I'm actually hoping that tomorrow I'll change my mind and go with five stars, simply realizing the flaws I see aren't really flaws at all. I mean... what are the flaws? I don't know! Did I really dislike anything about it? Can't say so! Hnng.......

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