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  • Love on Delivery

    Love on Delivery


    Between watching this and Kung Fu Hustle a Stephen Chow can of worms has been opened and now I have to see everything by/starring him. Straight up goofiness is so hard to get right and this nails it. It’s testament to the absolute joy of the entire movie that the moments between the action feel just as alive and exciting, if not more so, than the action itself. In some ways it peaked in the first twenty minutes, I was…

  • Pather Panchali

    Pather Panchali


    Sometimes it can be difficult to find a point of relatability in films that depict such extreme poverty. As much empathy as one may feel, a compelling film it does not make to simply pity those less fortunate. I by no means grew up well off, but I was always clothed, fed and sheltered. I began this film feeling that distance. It’s a dangerous trap to watch a film from that place of guilt.

    Everyone has a sense of normalcy. The…

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  • Soul



    Like all of Pixar’s films from the last 13 years, it’s severely lacking in rat chef based antics.

  • The Long Con

    The Long Con


    Filmed long before Dan Lotz and Joel Dik’s already completed and released features Chlorine and Sheep Theater, it’s become a sort of running joke that the release of The Long Con might be the longest con of all. Today that changed as Dan posted the completed film on his channel.

    Since filming The Long Con, Dan’s filmmaking priorities have clearly shifted. Chlorine was fully improvised and Sheep Theater was fully improvised AND filmed largely alone. With that in mind, this scripted thriller feels…