Joey Fantana

Joey Fantana


'80s kid with a particular love for '90s cinema.

Favourite genres are Crime, Thriller, Sci-fi and Western.

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  • Se7en



    So Morgan Freeman adopts Brad Pitt and takes him on a never-ending journey through the darker than dark underbelly of a nameless city (correct, it’s not New York so don’t think it is!) that doesn’t know how to forgive. Where to start with the perfection of this film… they just aren’t made with this care and attention anymore. That’s not true, of course they are, of course there are movies coming out still where every sequence, every shot, every frame…

  • Logan


    The year is 2029. And Logan looks like shit.

    Having had to battle the poisonous effect of an adamantium-laced skeleton for decades, his mutant healing factor is finally starting to succumb, and on top of that – at the ripe old age of approximately 195 (see X-men Origins: Wolverine for validation) – the years have finally caught up on him.

    This is the scene that James Mangold sets up at the beginning of Jackman’s final outing as the titular anti-hero.…

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  • Exiled



    An ultra-cool neo-Western in the Robert Rodriguez vein, that focuses as much on camaraderie as it does action. I wasn't sure how I felt about the randomness of some events but overall the film left me quite satisfied.

    Not without issues. The characterisation is unbalanced and the action scenes largely do not feel 'real' enough to carry any sense of peril. But the scenes of tension before each are really well done and hook you in for the main event.

    Worth a look and Johnnie To now a director on my radar.

  • The Loop

    The Loop

    Half a chance to get a little underboob on screen, the other half filled with 'actors' who half-smile through their performances.

    And the titular loop was a tacked on gimmick that bore no connection to the main plot's fiction.

    Been a while since I've seen something this overtly dreadful.

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  • Night Hunter

    Night Hunter


    Surprised by the negativity around this one. I'd been waiting a long time to see it as the logline sounded intriguing and played to my proclivity for a good crime thriller. Looks like the budget was quite low but I was impressed with how much they wrung out of it to be fair, would disagree with anyone who says this looks cheap. Cinematography and direction are fairly solid and given it's Raymond's first feature, I'd be keen to see what…

  • Seven Worlds, One Planet

    Seven Worlds, One Planet


    Or 'Seven Bears, One Planet'. Honestly there's one in every episode!

    Some incredible shots throughout and good to see coverage of some species I've not seen before. Appreciated the regular reminders of how they are being devastated and why. It's truly unfortunate this form of imploring never reaches the right audience.