Ex Machina ★★★★

Scavenger Hunt #50

Movie #2
List #13 - A non-musical film that features a dance number.

Where to start with this one. First off this movie is freakin amazingly visually stunning. Amazing landscape shots, stellar shots of the robots. Oh yeah spoilers, there are robots.

So a coder wins a contest to go to his rich af eccentric boss's secluded estate, he gets there not knowing wtf is going on, he signs a nda finds out he is doing a Turing Test, a test to see if an AI passes.

His boss is an asshole to say the least. The AI, Ava, is smart, quippy and beautiful. Nothing is quite what it seems. I called one thing early and thought I had this movie pegged but then nope it swerved me and oh man did I like it! Definitely give this one a whirl!