The Lone Ranger

The Lone Ranger ★★★★★

My head is struggling with this rating, but my heart tells me it's right.

"Our time has already passed. They call it progress. We are now ghosts."

-"What is your crime?", +"Indian".

Ultimately, it is about the ghosts of the past, the ones we had to destroy and forget in order to keep the progress machinery full-on ahead. The law is in the side of the progress, so only the outlaws are able to challenge society and look for those ghosts. Hopefully, the legend won't be lost and people will know what happend.

An adventure so well crafted, funny and emotional. Amazing set-pieces (purposefully funny action!!!) and beautifully shot, but because of my unfamiliarity with the western genre I don't know many of the references that almost everyone here has pointed out. Still, amazing. And what a score.

There were 3 moments that made me laugh really hard. Many people struggled with the tonal shifts, going from serious to silly in the span of a second, some arguing it lessened the impact of the more dramatic parts. I disagree, I thought that, like with good comedy, the same underlying truths are found in both dramatic and absurd moments, each giving different perspectives on the events of the film. The framing story is really well executed, and maybe the movie is shown from what the kid remembered, seeing it with his little eyes, so it could be a framing inside a framing.

So, why the fuck Johnny Depp as native american????? This is the struggling part for me, and I understand people furious with this casting choice. At the same time, I thought him and Armie Hammer were incredibly good in their roles, both for their comedic side and earnestness in the more obscure parts. It is hypocrite to talk about such horrific topics and cast a white person as a native american, but, in contrast, the weight with which the words are spoken by the disenfranchised is something else. "I thought you were the wendigo, but you are just another white man".

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