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  • Miami Vice

    Miami Vice


    ” In a time of desperate shout for art modernity - the artists serve as landmarks contemporary movement such as semiotics, postmodernism, avant-gardism, feminism, culture diversity and technologically advancing world - appears this departure of life’s motion. Made in the past for the future: hate to love, and love to die. A broken body with a perfect soul as minimalist as maximalist – transcending experiments, time and space, fiction and reality, professionalism and feelings, it accustoms to the neoliberal condition,…

  • 2046



    about a year ago, I showed my mum In the Mood for Love. she was bored as hell and thought there wasn’t enough sex in it lol. u bet lol cuz a year later, wkw criterion boxset arrives and I play 2046🥰🤗 she didn’t finished it, too much sex:/
    anyway, 2046 pretty sex and me like sex😈 the cinematography in this is unreal, yes Doyle is goat dp but Zhang Ziyi just being in the frame adds so much visual…