Possessor ★★★★½

Entirely visceral and uncompromising. Definitely NC-17, with one moment towards the end that is particularly upsetting that I could imagine it being forced to be cut to get an R rating. The movie genuinely haunts you with its imagery.

How are the performances? Not a single weak link. Riseborough’s performance here more than makes up for this year’s underwhelming The Grudge. Abbott, however, gives the most riveting performance of the film as he gradually starts to lose his mind and vapes constantly like a high school freshman in the bathroom.

Yet, the final two minutes left me cold as it faded into the credits. I get what it was trying to do, but it ultimately felt like Possessor is one of those few movies that could have been benefitted by adding a few more minutes to its already quick 102 minute running time in order to fully develop its characters and story a little bit more. In spite of that one flaw, Possessor is still bound to be unlike anything that you will see in 2020.

And as to how exactly I saw this…I plead the fifth. Let's just say it isn't more difficult to find than a Google search and some ingenuity.


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