When Harry Met Sally...

When Harry Met Sally... ★★★★★

This film just rocketed straight to the top of my comfort film list, and I just know that I'll be watching it many many times in the future. I watched this to line up with Blank Check's new Nora Ephron miniseries, and right off the bat it's so clear that Ephron has such an amazing flair for natural, engaging dialogue. The characters in this film are so beautifully sketched in their idiosyncrasies and behaviours; I always find it to be such a strength when screenplays take the time to focus on even the smaller characters in a scene.

In watching this for the first time I was surprised by how much it reminded me of Greta Gerwig's Lady Bird. The film is largely comprised of vignettes rather than a traditionally structured narrative, where the story progresses as the year goes by in small but noticeable ways. Considering I absolutely love the way Lady Bird is structured, it's not surprise I felt right at home in this film. When a film is structured into these semi-disconnected components, the impact when it all comes together at the end is nothing short of amazing when it happens.

I'm going to watch this again very soon, and I am so excited to be exploring Nora Ephron's work over the next few months. From this one film alone I'm already so on board with the way she writes a story.
Beautiful, comfy, lovely.

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