Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★★

I know QT got alot of flack for the Sharon Tate character and the lack of dialogue or purpose of the story, i was initially in the same boat until i heard this quote from him regarding her in the film.

"You know i'm so moved by Sharon in the movie, and at conjuring her up. I can't quite answer that question because i would be grasping at metaphors but i don't think i would even believe in the metaphors, it would just be me trying to answer it. The thing about it is, she's a woman defined by the tragedy of her death. While not making the Sharon Tate story, i wanted to explore who she was, the person, in doing research on her, she sounds almost too good to be true from everybody who knew her. She knew alot of people so there's a whole lot of verbal, historical accounts of her, she just seems to be one of those too sweet for this world kind of person. I got infatuated with her, just the person she was as i was learning about her, so i thought it would be both touching and pleasurable, and also sad and melancholy to just spend a little time with her just existing. I didn't come up with a big story and have her work into the story so now she has to talk to other characters and move the story along, it's just a day in the life, it's a day in the life of all three of them, that Saturday and February. A day in a life, driving around, running errands, doing this, doing that, just being with her. I thought that could be special and meaningful. I wanted you to see Sharon a lot, her living life, not following some story, to see her living, to see her being."

Tarantino's self preclaimed answer to Roma is Once Upon A Time in.. Hollywood is deeply rooted in sadness and the way we choose to react to what's scariest to us. Rick who's scared out of his mind, Cliff who's confident with sadness and guilt behind his eyes or sunglasses, and Sharon who's laughing along at herself in a room filled with strangers living and being.

One of my favorite Tarantino joints now.