Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad ★★½

"I've known to be quite vexing."

So this is an odd one. Suicide Squad was one of my most anticipated films of the year and even after my disappointment with BvS I was still psyched because of not only the cast, the trailers, the director/writer first most of all. I LOVE David Ayre. Training Day, End of watch, Harsh Times, Fury. I even loved Sabatoge and even after this I'm still very much looking forward to Bright. 

Also due to my excitement I even dressed up as The Joker along with my girlfriend and best friend and that might have some provided some lenance, itcertainally did for them. But I'm going to be as non biased, fair and honest as possible when I say that this movie is a fucking mess. I'll even go to far as say that this is 2016's Fant4stic. And I don't even mean that in a completely bad way.

The first 30 minutes is honestly what I wanted the movie to be, the visuals were interesting, tons of interesting ways of exploring exposition and even a few moments that were goosebump worthy. I was even angrily defensive in my head thinking "this is the movie everyone has been savaging?"  However Once they landed into the city I slowly realized the colorful, totally, inconsistent mess i was in for. 

From what we see of Jared Leto he shines in the iconic role and his scenes with Margot Robbie are possibly the best scenes and even a teasing of what this movie could've been. Though Will Smith is very charismatic and charming as always, he's still very much will smith and it's a bit annoying that he can never play someone who's completely disturbed he always has to be the hero atleast in comparison. Viola Davis also is razor sharp as Amanda Wallace. I also like the character of Diablo personally.

Now, the action scenes, most notablaly the ending is where I draw comparisons to Fant4stic. From the affects of enchantress to the editing, to nearly loosing its shit worse than the doomsday ending of BvS. I also think no critic should hate this movie more than David Ayre. I feel he made the movie he wanted and DC/Warner Bros paniced and tried to combine what Ayre's style he could use and tried to make it DC's answer to GotG. Instead this could've been a live action Assult on Arkham or even a Sabatoge with a superhero element added to it.

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